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SMC Synergy was accepted as an affiliate of Blue Marble Geographics during May 2013 and will be the preferred distributor of Global Mapper GIS software in Africa.
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Global Mapper is an affordable and easy-to-use GIS Data processing application that offers access to an unparalleled variety of spatial datasets and provides just the right level of GIS functionality to satisfy both experienced GIS professionals and mapping novices. Equally well suited as a standalone spatial data management tool and as an integral component of an enterprise-wide GIS, Global Mapper is a must-have for anyone who deals with maps or spatial data.

  •   Unmatched spatial data format support
  •   Low cost and easy-to-use
  •   Just the right level of GIS functionality
  •   Unmatched and complimentary support

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Global Mapper's intuitive user interface and logical layout helps smooth the learning curve and ensures that you will be up-and-running in no time. Your company will quickly see a significant return on investment brought about by efficient data processing, accurate map creation and optimized spatial data management. By providing a complete GIS translation solution out-of-the-box, Global Mapper simplifies the deployment of spatial technology in your company or organization. There's no need to juggle extensions or costly add-ons to gain access to the functionality that you need. Global Mapper's aggressive development and release cycle ensures that the product grows with you as your needs and requirements change. Now you can unblock the GIS dataflow logjam by providing a workable GIS software tool for everyone who needs access to this critical data. At a fraction of the cost of traditional GIS alternatives and with free set-up and general use support, as well as flexible licenses including single seat, network and USB Dongle licensing, there's no reason not to add Global Mapper to your GIS toolkit.

Global Mapper Free Extensions:

  •   COAST: Coastal Adaptation to Sea Level Rise Tool: Learn how to model cost/benefit analysis for adaptation strategies for sea level rise and coastal flooding from storm events like hurricanes.
  •   Overview Map Window: The overview map window extension allows users to preview data in small in-set window in the main map interface. This tool is a great way to manage your active data analysis while keeping track of a localized area view.

The Global Mapper LiDAR Module is an optional enhancement to the software that provides numerous advanced LiDAR processing tools, including automatic point cloud classification, feature extraction, cross-sectional viewing and editing, dramatically faster surface generation, and much more. At a fraction of the cost of comparable applications, it is a must-have for anyone using or managing LiDAR data.

The Global Mapper LiDAR Module is embedded in the standard version of the software and is activated using an appropriate license file or order number. As with the full version of Global Mapper, the LiDAR Module can be activated on a trial basis by requesting a temporary license.

Additional functionality offered in the LiDAR Module includes:

  •  A convenient LiDAR Toolbar for easy access to key editing and analysis functions
  •  Pixels-to-Points tool for creating a high density point cloud from overlapping imagery
  •  Multiple gridding options for faster DSM or DTM generation
  •  Access to point cloud files containing a billion points or more
  •  Automatic point classification tools that automatically distinguish building, ground, and vegetation points in unclassified layers
  •  Feature extraction functionality to automatically create 3D building footprints and trees
  •  Cross-sectional rendering using Global Mapper's Path Profile tool for viewing and editing the point cloud in a vertical perspective
  •  Advanced filtering options to efficiently remove erroneous or unneeded points
  •  LiDAR scripting commands for streamlining workflow
  •  Point colorization from underlying imagery offering photo-realistic point cloud rendering in Global Mapper's 3D Viewer
  •  Support for reporting LiDAR statistics
  •  Support for importing and exporting most common LiDAR formats

The LiDAR Module was first released with Global Mapper v15 and a host of new LiDAR tools have since been added with the release of version 16. The Global Mapper LiDAR Module is an optional enhancement to the software that provides numerous advanced LiDAR processing tools, including Pixels-to-Points™ for photogrammetric point cloud creation from an array of images, automatic point cloud classification, automatic extraction of buildings, trees, and powerlines, cross-sectional viewing and point editing, custom digitizing or extraction of 3D line and area features, dramatically faster surface generation, LiDAR quality control, and much more.

Global Mapper Mobile is a powerful GIS data viewing and field data collection application for iOS and Android devices that utilizes the device's GPS capability to provide situational awareness and locational intelligence for remote mapping projects.

Download a free copy from the App Store or Google Play store today and upgrade to the Pro version at any time.

Global Mapper 2.0 Mobile Overview

The second generation of Global Mapper Mobile includes new and improved functionality throughout the application:

  •  Provides field access to all of your GIS data
  •  Offers straightforward, GPS-based field data collection
  •  Includes an array of digitizing or drawing tools
  •  Enables the assignment of attribute data
  •  A new Pro edition of the app with numerous professional-grade tools
  •  Streaming Open Street Map data

Used in conjunction with the desktop version of Global Mapper, Global Mapper Mobile is capable of displaying over 250 formats of raster and vector spatial data without the need for a continual data connection. Data is transferred to the device via iTunes or email in the form of Global Mapper Mobile Package Files which efficiently compress multiple layers into a single file and allow large amounts of data to be stored and displayed. Want to see Global Mapper Mobile in action? Download a free copy from the App Store or Google Play store today and upgrade to the Pro version at any time.


SMC Synergy specialises in providing technical GIS assistance and training to Global Mapper software users in South Africa. We offer training courses that meet the specific requirements of our clients. With a focus on the unique features of Global Mapper our training include:

  •  Importing and exporting a range of data formats - LiDAR, 3D vector data, combine harvester data, etc.
  •  Digital Elevation Model (DEM) creation - by means of various datasets
  •  Feature mapping and editing - utilizing the 3D capabilities
  •  Creating image catalogs - loading many images as single file
  •  Linking to various on-line datasets - World imagery, OpenStreetmaps, MODIS images, SRTM DEM, etc.
  •  Saving on-line datasets for off-line use - easy method of providing maps with legends to customers
  •  GPS interaction with Global Mapper - real-time tracking, creating images on GPS devices
  •  Exporting maps, images and vector datasets - for use in mobile devices

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